Screaming Like A Little Girl

So there I was mountain biking my usual Thursday night ride at the Fullerton Loop. As I was approaching Laguna Lake, I noticed something  really weird. First I said to myself, “dang that’s a huge piece of poop!” But then this poop started to move! I quickly realized that it wasn’t poop, it was a rattlesnake!

As I tried to move out of its way my front tire slipped causing it to hit the rattler and making me fall off my bike. By that time I’m screaming like a little girl trying to get away from it. It started to shake its rattle, but as soon as it did, I was able to gain footing and pedal away as fast as I can.
Man that has to be one of the scariest things that has happend to me while bike riding.
What about you? Any stories of dogs, people, cars or…whatever?
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