Sexism on the Road?

Venus and Mars

So do you think your gender may influence your safety on the road? After a month now of commuting to work by bike I have noticed that I get a different reaction from drivers depending on their gender. Females tend to be more impatient than the males.

I am curious to know if it would be different if I were a male commuter? I find myself having to make more efforts with eye contact with the woman than I do with male drivers. Not to say there hasn’t been an occasional male driver that has nearly run me down. But for the most part I find they tend to be more aware. But is that the case as a male biker? I think it is just a rarity to see a commuter out here at all, especially a female.

female rider

Sure I need to be safe and aware at all times but I find myself with my defenses down a bit more with the males opposed to the females.

Do you find that depending on your gender you receive different reactions from the opposite or same sex? Do male riders get more respect on the road?

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