$3 Gas/Allure of Summer Evening Cruises

Those of us who applaud all things cycling are quietly applauding the rise of the price of gas to $3 per gallon. I applaud especially, as I ride past the gas stations with everyone’s faces turned long as the pump drains their credit card. Not only do I applaud $3 gas, I would like to see the price double. Though $3 gas has caused plenty of belly moans, the majority of people will just grin and bear it. But if the price climbed to $6 or $7 per gallon (as in Europe), it would necessitate that the masses finally embrace alternative transportation.

With summer approaching, I’ve begun to embrace the summer evening bicycle ride. There is nothing like cruising through town or the forest after a long day of work. On these rides I just let the world roll by. It’s the perfect time to explore the city. I like to ride through and see what is going on in the downtown. I make no plans but happen into the bar, restaurant, bookstore, or coffee shop that seems to have the right shine at the moment

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