Rec Rac Review

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My background:
I am 5?7?, 165 lbs. I ride a Giant TCR for road, a Specialized FSR XC M4 S-Works for MTB, a Kona Smoke, Ibex Corrida, Xootr Swift, Ibex Xray and a KHS Urban X for my commute. I am bike commuter traveling 20 miles round trip and avid cyclist that enjoys all sort of riding.

Mountain Bike attached to the Rec Rac System

Testing Grounds:
The mean streets and freeways of L.A County, Orange County, Riverside County and SBDO County

My commute involves driving my kids to school or to Grandma’s house. After dropping my kids off, I then ride my bike to work. I transport my bicycle on the rear of a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. I’ve been using the Rec Rac system for over 3 months.

Here’s an excerpt from the Rec Rac website:

An innovative, convenient and secure solution for hauling bikes in your pickup truck bed. They’re a great space saver too! More and more street and mountain bikers are choosing Rec-Rac for a hassle-free alternative to most other bike racks for pickups.

Thumbs Up:
Fast and easy to attach to any type of bicycle, there’s no need to remove the front wheel. Rec Rac units can be converted to a tie down or a pet restrain system. The security cable lock is thick and a great theft deterrent. Bicycles are very stable at high speeds or in bumpy roads. Rec Rac offers a great array of accessories, their new ‘Yakathule’ Adapter Brackets will allow to attach Yakima or Thule bars to the Rec Rac Clamps.

Recumbent attached to the Rec Rac system

Thumbs Down:
Due to my truck’s tie down system, the rec rac clamps are not easy to detach from the truck, I have decided to leave them on permanently. Since I have a Crew Cab, that leaves me with the smaller 5 foot bed, therefore, I have to have the tailgate down when I carry the bikes. Contrary to popular belief, leaving the tailgate down DOES NOT save gas, it is quite the contrary.
These issues are due to my Truck’s design, please check Rec Rac’s fit guide to see if the Rec Rac system will work with your truck.

I highly recommend this rack system, for $64.97 it’s a decent price to pay for convenience and cargo room. With Rec Rac’s great array of accesories, the Rec Rac system is more than just a bike carrier. You can also buy additional add-a-bike clamps that will enable you to carry more bikes.

For more information or to purchase the Rec Rac system, visit:

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