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As a product reviewer for Commute By Bike, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate me in any way.

Testing Grounds:
Columbus, Georgia – a mid sized city, just under 300,000 population (SMA). My roads vary from concrete with expansion cracks every 16 feet, to asphalt smooth as glass. My route crosses more than one construction area on most days. Traffic can be light, heavy, fast, slow, or grid locked. Columbusites are not the most cycle friendly motorists in the country. My commute runs about 12 miles total, covering various roads from the quiet suburbs, to major roads with high speed traffic, to full fledged urban cycling and all that entails. Also, for this test, I was able to evaluate the bag at 33,000 feet elevation and 615 mph.

About Me:
I commute 3-5 days a week, (almost) all weather. My commute puts about 60 miles a week on my bike, and I usually ride another 30-60 miles a week recreationally.

I have to say, it is SO SO cool to be privileged to test these products. I hope this review provides someone with the info they need for making commuting decisions.

The Bailey Works Super Pro bag, is impressive right away. You can immediately feel the quality and tight construction. This is without doubt a professionals tool. There is so much about it that screams pro. The canvas is THICK, the hardware BIG, the access is quick and easy from the saddle even. Heavy? Oh yeah, but I’d bet a professional messenger prefers a bag that will not puncture or tear over saving a pound.

That all being said, you can tell I really think this is a great bag – if you are a messenger that carries unexpected size and weight loads all day, or if you carry a ton of stuff to work everyday. I don’t do either, so the bag doesn’t suit my commute. All of my clothes, shoes, towel, lunch cooler, undies, socks, etc… fit into the bag, and I still have room to fit in my entire laptop carry case. Or you could carry a briefcase in it, in addition to your clothes. This baby is big, and it’s only the medium sized option. The best view of it’s size and carrying capacity was posted by RL, carrying his daughter in the bag.

Big or not, I did get a chance to use it for two applications.

For commuting
If it was half the size, it would be my bag. I only had one real gripe, and that was that the shoulder pad position was not adjustable along the strap. (I could get used to it though) It was probably more of an issue for me due to my girth than it would be for most cyclists. The bag stays put well, and did not feel uncomfortable. I know some people hate any type of bag on their back while riding, but I’ve always used one so I’m accustomed to it.

For Flying!
Here is where I really fell in love with this bag. This is the ULTIMATE carry-on bag. Even though it’s a cavern inside, I was able to squish it into the carry-on sizer at 3 airports, and take it with my on the planes. Why is it better than my other carry-on bags?
1 – It holds more
2 – it’s a cinch to carry hands-free
3 – when you are in your tight little seat, every part of this bag is easily accessible
Ever try opening a carry-on garment bag on the plane? Sheesh, get ready to say “s’cuse me… sorry… didn’t mean to knock you in the head”. With this Bailey Bag, it fits in your lap, and the top flap slides back uneventfully. It’s just like a magicians bag! It seems to hold more than the laws of physics allow. Bailey should re-market this type of bag to frequent fliers – it’s marvelous! I was able to pack five complete sets of clothes, toiletries, and two pairs of shoes. In addition, newspapers and magazines easily slipped into the front pockets.

I would recommend this bag to anyone who needs to carry a LOT a LONG way on a bike, or to anyone who travels by air frequently, and needs the capacity of a full sized suitcase in a carry on size.
I would not recommend it for casual commuting, or heavy commuting unless you carry 2 cubic feet of goods with you.

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