Pop Quiz!

These are all True or False Questions. Numbers in parentheses refer to Vehicle Code sections.


1. A bicycle rider should ride facing traffic. (21202)

2. Handlebars must be positioned so the bicycle operator’s hands are not elevated above the level of his or her shoulders when grasping the normal steering grip area. (21201(b))

3. It’s OK to let a friend ride on the handlebars, as long as you stay within three blocks of home. (21204(b))

4. Riding with no hands is allowed when your arms are so full of bundles that you can’t reach the handlebars, if your bicycle is not equipped with a basket or carrying rack. (21205)

5. During darkness, every bicycle operated on a public street must be equipped with a headlamp that can be seen for over 300 feet to the front and sides of the bicycle. (21201(d))

6. It’s all right to hold on to the back of a motor vehicle and be pulled on a bicycle or coaster provided the vehicle is driven by your parent. (21203)

7. A bike must stop at stop signs. (21200)

8. A lawfully equipped bicycle must have a brake that permits the rider to make one braked wheel skid on dry, level, clean pavement. (21201(a))

9. During darkness, every bicycle operated on a public street must have reflectors on each side; white or yellow forward of center and white or red rear of center, unless the bicycle is equipped with reflectorized tires. (21201(d))

10. A bicycle rider must ride upon or astride a regular permanent seat. (21204(a))

11. A bicycle rider can wear headsets over both ears. (27400)

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Test is the Courtesy of the California Highway Patrol

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