Do You Have a Death Wish or Something?

I don’t get it. I see so many people riding their bikes without helmets. The worst offense is seeing a family ride bikes but only the kids have the helmets and the dad or mom don’t even bother. Or if they do wear one, its on the wrong way!


I once worked with a guy that rode 12 miles each way to work. He never wore a helmet because he said that it would mess up his hair. So there I was thinking, but dude, you’re hair is thining anyways you might as well protect what little you have!

Nice Sign

I’ve even heard some say that its too uncomfortable or expensive. Dang man, I’d rather be uncomfortable for a little bit than having a head injury from a crash. Besides helmets are so cheap nowadays. In fact my own helmet only cost me $16 at Wally World and it was made by a reputable company, Bell.

Helmet safety

I have to say that I notice more roadies than any other group of cyclists DO NOT wear helmets when they ride. Wait I take that back. The other group would be…how do I put this in a PC term… would be people such as laborers that use the bicycle as their main source of transportation.

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