Wife goes off-road

I’ve been talking about how my wife loves her car on different comments. What I’ve failed to mention is that she likes cycling as well. She was a bike commuter back in her College days at UNM.

Grace on the Loop

Priscilla invited my wife, Grace, to go to the Fullerton Loop for a little off-road adventure. My Specialized M4 was a little too big for her so she was going to use RL’s Warp. On Wednesday I got an e-mail from a gentlemen inquirying about the RedLine Monocog that I had for sale. We had agreed to meet on Saturday so he can see the bike. On Thursday I got an email from the same gentlemen asking to see if he can see the bike on Friday since he was going to be close to my house, he was coming from North San Diego county. We agreed to meet in Anaheim on Friday at 9:30 am. He loved the Monocog and he took it home, he mentioned that he was going to use it to play bike polo with it. After a Dr’s appt, I went straight to the bike shop with cash in hand. I had scoped a Giant Rincon W on the internet for Grace. The manager of the shop is my buddy, so when I inquired about the bike, he said, ‘You are in luck, I have one on the floor’. He gave me a good deal and I took the bike home.

Grace on the Loop

The next day Grace heads out to meet Priscilla and another friend for their off-road adventure. Mind you, Grace has never been Mountain Biking. When she came back, she had a smile from ear to ear, Grace loved it!. Grace may not be a commuter (yet), but she really enjoyed riding a bike. After all, isn’t the joy of riding why we all ride a bike?

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