Hype About Hybrids

In the past few months the media has been talking allot about the benefits of hybrid cars due to the obscene gas prices. Even the government is giving you some sort of tax break for owning a hybrid vehicle”Heck, here in California, if you own a hybrid, you get a special sticker that allows you to drive in the carpool/diamond lane without any passengers.

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t hybrids still use gasoline? For example the Toyota Prius, it runs on an internal combustion engine. But it also uses some fancy electric motor when you’re cruising at low speeds, you know like when you’re pulling out of the drive way, slowing down at the stop light, or finding a parking spot at the mall.


So as great as those cars are, it just doesn’t make sense to me why the media is so in love with the idea of hybrids especially when the best way to save on gas prices is right between your legs”.a bicycle.


If anything the government needs to give bicycle commuters some sort of tax break for riding their bike. That money could be used for maintenance or for purchase of a new bicycle.

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