RPM Cyclery-Shop Review

You may have heard me talk about RPM Cyclery of Lake Elsinore Ca. before. Well here’s the first official SHOP REVIEW. I’ll be discussing some of the key points that I look for in a shop.

1. Customer Service

2. Knowledgeable Staff

3. Satisfaction

4. Selection

5. Atmosphere

1. Customer Service

Priscilla and I decided to head out to RPM Cyclery right after church on Sunday. Two of my daughters had saved up enough money to buy themselves new bikes. Besides I also needed to buy a new bottom bracket for a bike I’m building for Randy.

When we arrived, we were happily greeted by owners, Scott and Jennifer Finch. We had walked in during a busy time of the day, but they still took a moment to say hello in between customers. We then walked over to the children's bicycles. We checked out the  Giant Puddin’  for my little girl and my other daughter was eyeing the Giant Gloss.

Jennifer provided the girls some helmets so they can test ride the bikes in the parking lot. As I took the kids out to the parking lot, Jennifer joined us and even brought out a hex wrench so we could adjust the seat levels.

After the girls fell in love with their new bikes, we went back in and started the purchasing process. Scott and Jennifer were very professional and friendly in the way they were handling the transaction.

2. Knowledgeable Staff

I brought a frame that I am building for Randy that I needed the bottom bracket replaced as well as retapped since I stripped it a while ago. Scott asked which type of bottom bracket I wanted and reassured me that the retapping wouldn’t be a problem since he has the proper tools and has  done it before.

Not only do the folks at RPM know what they’re talking about. Scott is a Down Hill Racer, avid mountain biker, dirt jumper and a pretty cool guy. With the riding experience he has, he’s clearly the go to guy for any bicycling needs that Elsinore has.

Here’s a shot of the front of the shop with Priscilla and the kids test riding the Gloss.

3. Satisfaction

Were we satisfied? Yes we were! My daughters happily rode away with Giant bicycles. Not only were they happy, we were pretty impressed with the prices. RPM’s prices are very and I mean, VERY competitive. The prices are great and the people are just as good.

My daughters with their new Giant Gloss and Giant Puddin’

4. Selection

RPM Cyclery carries a boat load of name brands in the shop. Names like Redline, S&M, Turner, Giant, KHS, Specialized, Electra, FitBikeco. Fox, Truvativ, Federal, Shimano, SRAM, Marzocchi,Giro, Bell, FreeAgent and many more.

In side the shop

5. Atmosphere

Finally, the most important factor in making a shop “my” shop is atmosphere. I was very impressed on how Jennifer and Scott made their customers friends. While we were checking out the kid’s bikes, a customer/friend walks in and Jennifer asks the fella about the girl he’s dating. She even gave him advice on relationships. I thought it was pretty cool that customers feel comfortable enough to talk to the owners in a friendship level.

Another example that I saw while we were there were some of the other reoccurring customers that keep coming back. They seem to just love this place. I guess from what I saw is that when you walk in its like you’re immediately a friend. RPM kinda reminds me of the 80’s TV show, CHEERS. I kinda just wonder who would be Cliff Claven and Norm. 🙂

Owners Scott and Jennifer Finch

As you’ve read, I do have some pretty high standards in what I look for in a shop. RPM Cyclery definitely exceeds my expectations. If you are in the Corona, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Murrieta area, RPM Cyclery SHOULD be YOUR shop. You will not be disappointed in the level of service, customer care, and product selection. Scott and Jennifer are pretty cool people too.

Here’s the shop info:


31401 Riverside Dr.

Lake Elsinore, Ca, 92530

Phone 951 674 2453

Email: sfinch@rpmcyclery.com

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