"What can I do, I have to drive"

I’m sick and tired of hearing this on the news.

There they are, reporters standing at the gas station asking people who are fueling up what they think about gas prices. “Prices are outrageous, but what can I do, I have to drive”. Mmm, do you think that there is an oil executive laughing his ass off when he listens to this?? I think that the Media is not helping either. They love to talk to Hybrid Car owners, talk about ‘alternative’ fuels and talk to mass transportation commuters (It’s Los Angeles, mass transportation sucks). So I decided to email a few Media outlets about the REAL solution; riding our bikes to work. I’ve gotten one response, they were ‘congratulating’ me for such a ‘noble’ deed. HA!
I also heard that if we consume 3% less fuel, gas prices will crash. Some of their tips were: Check your tire inflation, change your oil, drive the speed limit, blah blah blah. Again, no real solutions.

Since I’m ranting, I’m also tired of listening to some people that I work with telling my that I must be crazy for riding 20 miles roundtrip on my bike. Seriously, who is really crazy here? Paying $3.00 bucks per gallon to fuel up your big ass SUV???

I believe that I’m doing my part, but hey, I’m just crazy and need to “get off my meds”.

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