My Official Apology

In years past, I have been quick to criticize the joys of Road Biking. I myself was a roadie for many years in my youth. In fact I entered a number of events and even rode up to 250 miles per week. Then I got into high school and cars and so forth.

Then about a few years ago I rekindled my love for bicycling, but this time it was with mountain biking.

RL mtn biking

Moe and I actually started a make shift team called “Team Zoom.” We were basically a bunch of weekend warriors that loved to ride. Then at one point Moe along with a Team Zoom member bought themselves road bikes and started riding the pavement more than the dirt. I was pretty brutal in my opinions and called road biking “boring”, “dull” and many other adjectives that described it as a non-exciting sport.


Anyhow I’m here to eat crow. I am officially apologizing to Moe for calling road biking the names I did. The reason behind my revelation was contributed by the use of the Ibex Corrida.

Ibex Corrida LT 4.4

Last night I decided to take the Corrida for a spin and saw a hill that was calling me names. I had to climb it to silence the voices. Then when it was time to head back, I went down the hill. In my previous attempts to ride this hill with my mountain bikes, I’ve only been able to hit 40mph. But last night was a different story. I was able to hit 45mph! That is the second fastest speed I had ever gone on my bicycle. The first time was when I was a roadie back in the days of age 13. I hit speeds over 55 mph!

I couldn’t believe the amount of adrenaline and endorphins hitting my brain and body! ROAD BIKING IS AWESOME! Again, I am sorry Moe for making fun of you and I will never do it again.

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