Grand Plans

Life gets busy sometimes, and sometimes with a vengeance! NOT complaining though – life is good. Since I’ve been released to ride 8 days ago, I was able to ride twice. Oh well, I’m about to make up for it. See, I rode on Wednesday and Thursday, not Friday. The Saturday was spent at the in-laws, and Sunday was Easter. Monday at 0600, Wendy had Carpal Tunnel surgery. So, Mon-Fri I had to drive to work, so I could get home at a moments notice if needed. The surgery went OK, but she had some unexpected numbness and swelling beyond what the doc thought was normal.
Now, after I get off work tomorrow, we head out to Utah, where my girl is graduating from BYU. We have a mini van rented, and my son has a decent bike, a Liahona. Early Sunday we drive most of the day to the Grand Canyon. Monday morning we take a plane tour over the canyon, a helicopter to the bottom, and a pontoon boat down the Colorado River. After that we have lunch in the canyon, and helicopter back to the Grand Canyon Airport. You know what I’m REALLY looking forward to? From about 2:00 PM to Sundown, I’m free for some solo mountain biking. From what I read and from what I’ve seen on past trips, this will be a sweet ride. I know the scenery will be awesome!
I’ve been to the canyon several times, and even hiked the long trail once, 29 years ago. Wow – 29 years. This will be my 6th trip to the canyon, and I can’t imagine a more beautiful place. I will be doing my best to post some pictures that hopefully show how great the canyon is. Oh, I’ll also be riding up around Mount Tipmanogas in Utah, and should get some good shots there too.
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