KHS Urban X First Impression

KHS Urban X
I rode the Urban X to work yesterday. I rode my 20 mile commute and I got a good feeling on how this bike rides. Here’s my first impression:

Looks: I love the way this bike looks, why? It’s unique, stealthy and not everyone likes the style making it less desirable to steal. There was one thing that really caught my attention on this bike, the saddle:
KHS Urban X
KHS Urban X

It’s a “Brooks Style” Saddle. Notice the springs and the rivets, quite a nostalgic touch. The rear rack is included with the bike, it looks quite sturdy and I was able to fit the Inertia Designs Business pannier rather well.

KHS Urban X

You all know that I have a thing for fenders, I was asked why do I need fenders if I don’t ride on the rain. Well, first off all, they look cool, they fend off water from wet spots, and they also fend off dust and small pebbles from the frame.

The Ride: I really enjoy riding my bike to work, but when I happen to take a new bike to work, it makes it extra enjoyable. Riding the Urban X was a blast, the bike is fast, predictable and somewhat comfortable. The saddle took little while to get used to, but the ‘suspension’ did it’s work. The gearing of the Urban X was smooth, it comes with a 44t at the front, which enabled me to fly on downhills.

There was 1 thing that I was at odds with: The tires. KHS equipped the Urban X with 100 PSI semi-slick tires. The tires are fast but they do make the ride a little harsh. I hit a couple of potholes and my arms really felt the impact.

Quick Comment:The UrbanX comes nicely equipped with extras such as the fenders, rear rack, and suspension saddle. At $329 MSRP, the bike is, in my point of view, very affordable.

For more information about this bike, go to

Stay tuned for my upcoming review.

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