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Product: Trikke Bikke
Cost: $379
Weight: 16lbs

Top speed of 11 mph and is propelled by a motor powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (that’s right, just like your cell phone). It’s range is just about one hour, or ten miles, but that’ll get you from mid-town to downtown, and will recharge before the workday is done — five or six hours.

What I liked
The Bikke has a two-speed motor which makes it feel like you have Turbo Boost! You can easily hear it working in the video. I love how small this scooter is. The weight is amazing. They say it weighs about 16lbs, but when you pick it up you’d think it weighs about 5lbs. The seat was very comfy and can be raised to different heights to suit the rider’s needs. Handle bar comes with soft grips and a bell. The Bikke is easy to ride, quick and remarkably strong. I wouldn’t suggest this, but I was jumping off the curbs with it to see if I could break it, but it was strong enough to handle my bodybuilder torso…Charge time wasn’t too bad, 4-6 hours and it came with a Smart Charger. That means once the batteries are filled up with juice, it automatically shuts off the charger, preventing battery damage. I liked that it had fenders, prevents up splash. I also have to mention that riding the Bikke is super fun! I was absolutely surprised on how well the Bikke could carry my weight let alone taking the abuse that I gave it.

Before we test any products, we have to remember: SAFETY FIRST!

Yah I know the full face helmet is a bit overkill, but you can never be too safe, right?

The Bikke runs on a direct drive motor:
Bikke Direct Drive Motor

What I didn’t like
The battery life started to diminish after 6 months of use. I couldn’t quite get the full 1 hour of ride time or the 11 miles, but then again I am about 40lbs heavier than the factory test subject’s weight, (150lbs). However, I did manage to make it to my local Starbucks and grocery store which is about a 3-6 mile round trip route.
The Bikke has a 200lbs limit. So that means a no riding for all you Clydesdale folks.
Here’s a video of the Bikke in action:

Would I recommend it?

Yes and No. Here’s why, The is Bikke fun, its perfect for those that don’t work too far. It’s great for scooting around on a college campus, going to Starbucks or the groceries. The Bikke is great for small errands but I cannot recommend it for commuting distances further than 6 miles. It does not climb hills well at all. I found out the hard way and ended up having to walk up a hill with the Bikke in tow. Another reason why I can’t fully recommend it, the price. At $379 the Bikke is not cheap, you can buy a nice commuter bike for that money. I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily commuter, but its perfect for small trips to the store or school.

For More Info Visit Trikke’s SITE

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