To Bad You're Stuck In Your Car

We have been brainstorming ideas for slogans for t-shirts. Whenever I’m cycling through traffic I always feel a sense of pride to be out in the open air getting myself where I want to go. I also usually feel a little bad for the poor sops stuck in traffic in their metal and plastic exoskeleton.

But rather than sympathize with them, I’d prefer to rub it in their face a little bit in an effort to get them to take their bike instead for their next errand. So sometime in the near future, we are likely to print off a run of Wandertec t-shirts stating boldly across the back, “TO BAD YOU’RE STUCK IN YOUR CAR…”

I’m interested to know how many of you would enjoy rubbing it in the face of all those that you breeze by on your bike. Of course there are more subtle ways of getting the message across. But sometimes it takes a little bit more of a strong message to penetrate the thick exoskeletoned, plush leather, filtered ac, surround sound system, 300HP-world of our car dependent brothers and sisters everywhere.

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