Hoss Ponderosa Shorts Review

Hoss Ponderosa

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My background:
I am 5?7?, 165 lbs. I ride a Giant TCR for road, a Specialized FSR XC M4 S-Works for MTB, a Kona Smoke, Ibex Corrida and an Ibex Xray for my commute. I am avid cyclist that enjoys all sort of riding. I am also a bike commuter traveling 21 miles round trip.

Testing Grounds:
The mean streets of L.A, The Fullerton Loop, Bonelli Park and the San Gabriel River trail

Hoss Ponderosa

Overview: The answer of Baggies VS Tights for commuting has been answered for me. Hoss sent us the Ponderosa shorts to review for commuting purposes. Here’s my review:

Specs on the shorts:
8 panel micro fiber polyester outer shell is lightweight and durable

6 panel polyester/Spandex liner with CoolMax for moisture management and comfort

CoolMax sanitized chamois with multi-level technology improves comfort by relieving pressure points

7 pockets, including 2 side cargo pockets, 2 secure zipper pockets, 2 side hip pockets and a rear cargo style pocket

Partial elastic waistband with extra secure belt and buckle closure

Rear stretch panel for comfort and flexibility

What Rocked:
When I got the shorts, the first thing I noticed was the texture of the outter material of the shorts. I’m used to cheap no name mtb shorts to commute with. The outer shells are usually hard and they don’t breath well. The Hoss outter shell is made of this material called ‘Micro Fiber Polyester’, the material is soft and it breaths rather well. The thing that impressed me the most was the chamois, the comfort and functionality levels my ‘High Price’ road cycling shorts. The short features 7 very useful pockets and its stylish enough to pass as regular shorts that I can wear during ‘casual fridays’.

What sucked:
The shorts feature a belt made out this hard nylon-like material that has some sharp edges. The edges were really uncomfortable when they rubbed against my stomach. After a few washes the hardness of the belt dimished, but I had to take some scissors to the edges to smooth them out.

At $49.99, the shorts are a good bargain for commuting. The shorts excel at comfort, style and functionality. The best thing about the shorts? You can take them mountain biking as well!!

Hoss Ponderosa Shorts

For more information visit Hoss website at www.hossmtb.com

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