Got paid to Commute by Bike

Have you heard that cliche ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’. I’m pretty sure that whoever invented that phrase was not a bike commuter. Besides saving on gas, wear and tear on the car, getting fit and enjoying the ride (Having the cake) I got paid by my employer to ride my bike to work! (eating it too!).

My Company has had a monthly carpool incentive program for quite awhile, the carpoolers submit their names and 1 name gets drawn out of a hat. Winner gets $100 bucks. When I pitched the idea to my employer about doing the same for the bike commuters, they turned it down since at that time there were only 2 of us commuting to work.

Then we started having up to 6 people commuting by bike, we requested the bike incentive once again, and this time they agreed with the following guidelines: You must ride your bike to work at least 8 times a month.

This month my name was pulled out of the hat, I’m $50 richer!!!

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