2 Ft of Snow

It’s been a long dry winter in Northern AZ, but finally the skies have opened up and dumped 2 feet of snow on us. The moisture was much needed and it is great to see the snow again. But being cooped up in the house for a week makes me long for the summer cycling season ahead. Not getting to ride got me thinking about really getting to ride and I started having a look at my recently made acquaintances Cass Gilbert and Cara Coolbaugh who really go out and do some real riding, leading multiple self-supported bike tours through the Himalayas every summer. Check out there web site at www.out-there-biking.com . They often use BOB trailers on there trips and have alot of interesting and well informed opinions about what equipment to use when you are pushing your gear to the limits. Beyond bike trailers they are big fans of Rohloff Hubs, steel framed mountain bikes, and overall going for gear that is tough, simple, and easy to maintain.

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