The P1sseezee Diss The Dirt Contest


That’s right folks we’re having another contest! You have a chance to win a 1liter bottle of this amazing bike cleaner. P1sseezzee is only available in the UK, basically the winner would be one of the first people to try here
in the states!

I have to tell you, I tried out the P1sseezzee last night on my filthy Giant Warp, sprayed it down, scrubbed it, and washed it off. Man was I blown away on the performance of this cleaner! Seriously, it left my bike clean and no residue!

All you have to do is answer this 2 part trivia question.

1. What kind of bike did Elliot ride when “E.T.” was in his basket?
2. Who was the stunt man that rode that bicycle?

To answer the questions, leave a comment. If we have multiple correct answers, then the winner will be chosen by drawing.

Contest Ends Midnight March 5th, 2006

The only catch to this contest is you are obligated to provide us a product review and that the winner pays for shipping.

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