You are MORE than One Less Car

The climate for commuting in the deep south is probably better than most places, but we do get a fair bit of cooler weather. Yesterday was my coldest commute this winter, 29° F. My all time record low commute was 26°, one year ago. That record is safe for now though, as we’ll be up to the mid to high 30’s by tomorrow morning. At least it’s dry.
Our cycling club had a great speaker last night, and he made his presentation available to us – it’s very good… more about nutrition than I ever wanted to know. The Powerpoint show may be boring to read but he made it exciting with his presentation style. CLICK HERE to download the Powerpoint Slide Show. If you don’t have Powerpoint installed, download the free Powerpoint Viewer HERE first and install that. Also, there are a lot of complex computations in the presentation, so I made a quickie spreadsheet to do the work for you. CLICK HERE to download the Excel Spreadsheet.
Keep on commuting by bike – one less car can make a big difference, but we’re more than one less car. We are hope, inspiration, and evangelists for a better society. We are pro-active, practice what we preach, do-gooders, in this car/gas/oil addicted world of today. Every day I pass or get passed by at least 200-300 cars. So do you. Most drivers apathetically go around us like so much traffic. Some actually hate us. But to a few, we’re making a statement, one that will hopefully be inviting enough to get them to make that decision to change their lives forever, for the better. To get out of the car, and onto a bicycle. There is NOTHING bad about cycling, there is everything good about it. Cycling has made me a better person, more patient, disciplined, attentive, and sensitive to my environment. I’m far from unique… many cyclists have shared the same sentiment. Every day I ride to work, I’m living a dream I had for many years before I finally stepped out of that car. I was inspired by a daily commuter. Every day we all ride to work, we are showing people there is a better way, and inviting them to join us. To quote a friend – “Ride your bike to work – it’s easier than you think.”
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