Final Report on Revive Commuting (Part 3)

Here’s what I’ve learned from the Revive commutes.

It’s not as easy as either of my other bikes, mainly because this bike is not happy on hills. There is of course a plus, in that my legs received a harder workout. If the route I have to take were level, I’d seriously be tempted to ride it every day, but it’s not, so I won’t.

It’s hard enough to choose to ride in the morning chill, wake-up 30 minutes earlier, leave 30 minutes earlier, get home 30 minutes later. The anticipation of a hard ride that early might help me make excuses. I can’t have that… I need a bike that takes my excuses away. Now that my wrist has healed, I’m very glad to be back on the Woodstock 505 for my commute.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do like the Revive, in it’s place. With better gearing, it might have been a different story. I’d really like to try the electric motor powered one too. As is though, it will have to be a “recreational only” bike, relegated to the Riverwalk and other nice, flat rides. The picture below is the Revive in it’s element… a cool summer night, riding by the river with my baby. The Revive is happy, Wendy is happy riding it, and that makes for a great time.

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