Bike Radio & Product Development

Wandertec’s European delegate, Mike the Bike, recently turned me on to Bike Radio. This weekly broadcast from the UK covers a variety of topics surrounding cycling mostly in the vein of using bikes as transport. It is a great show and truly inspiring thing to listen to as I spend my days doing what I can in my small corner to make movements forward. So far I’ve been entertained and inspired by shows on winter cycling and the UK bike messenger lifestyle. Have a look at the Bike Radio archives at

I’ve started work on further streamlining the production of the CELLO as we look towards the spring, the cycle travel season, and an increase in orders. The key to improved production efficiency is reducing the part counts with simpler yet improved designs. It is actually quite amazing how the simpler the parts designs of a product become the better they often function. This is an everlasting and undying principal in the bicycle, the simplest of transportation devises that thrives much in part through its combination of simplicity and precision.

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