Happy Commuting

Occasionally, for various reasons, I am forced to drive my Sonoma P/U truck to work. Yesterday I had an early appointment at my dentist, about 6 miles across town from work, and after my appointment, I had two back to back meetings at work that I’d have about ten minutes to get to. So, the truck was my vehicle of necessity. However, because of my dentist appointment, I had to stay a bit longer at work than normal and ended up leaving in peak rush hour. It took me 24 minutes to get home, 5.25 miles. Every light had a line of cars that forced me to wait 2 or 3 cycles, and I seemed to get behind every grandpa slowpoke on the road. Dang that was aggravating! I average 25 minutes on my bicycle, with my best time being just under 23. Our little town, like most, has increasing traffic congestion. I am so glad I rediscovered my bike – I love riding, and riding to work makes at least part of the work day enjoyable. I feel better in the morning, and I look forward to the ride home.
I just returned from our cycling club meeting, and we are really beginning to organize our efforts to gain Bicycle Friendly Community status with the LAB. I wonder if any of the readers here could share their experiences, if any, in obtaining this status. I feel sure that work which must be done to meet the requirements, must make an impact in the “real” friendliness of the community, and I’d really be interested in hearing about it. Thanks, and, be a happy commuter – do it on your bicycle.
About the picture:
Interesting artist, maybe a little controversial, but I love this painting and his words. There is more on his site, including a commuter prayer. Pretty cool. Click HERE to visit his site. The words on this picture are:
Bicycling is Fun.
Bicycling makes you Healthy.
Bicycling makes economic sense.
Bicycling reduces air pollution.
Bicycling promotes community.
Bicycling keeps us honest.
Bicycling makes us Happy.
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