Helmet-Cam Attempt Number 2

I’ve long wanted a helmet cam to record some of the fun we have on our rides. A few days ago I reported on the P.O.C. camcorder I got from Wal-mart – which is now back at Wal-mart. A blogging friend (Cory) at RideMap.com posted an article some time ago that inspired me. I’ve dug deep into my pockets and shelled out $29.99 plus tax to obtain a genuine CVS Video Camcorder!
I’m looking forward to hacking this baby , which will give me full 640 x 480 resolution, and allow me to download / upload to my PC at will, effectively nullifying the one-time-use intent of the camcorder, as the sticker states. 
Of course I’ll document my D.I.Y. project with photo’s – so check back soon. 
As is, the camcorder is already a great deal. The full color LCD monitor on back is clear and sharp, the playback is great – 10 times better than the Tony Hawk debacle. It uses 2 AA batteries, and should go at least 100 minutes on good Alkaline’s, probably 400 minutes on the Energizer Lithium’s. The memory is 20 minutes as is, so I’ll probably leave that alone. The tests I’ve done so far look very good. If this works, and it will, I should have a great “cycle-cam” for under $40.00 total, and I’ll have some video posted here by Sunday night.
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