I still wear mine when I'm not wearing my brace

Biking Bis blog  has a really interesting take on the glut of arm bands and the effect it’s having on charities like the Livestrong Foundation. I never really thought of the band as a fashion trend; possibly a fad – but I’m pretty much way behind on trends and fads anyway. Biking Bis decided to stop wearing the band to avoid the appearance of jumping on the “band wagon”. He makes a good case, along with another article he quotes. Thankfully though, he (Gene) hasn’t let his decision to take off the band stop his support of Livestrong.
Lately with a sprained wrist, my Livestrong band is sitting on my desk to make room for my brace. But, when I can, I do still wear it. I usually order 10 or 20 at a time and give them away as small thank-you’s for favors that people have done for me, or just because someone asks. I hope that they will enjoy the feeling of supporting a good cause and order some for themselves when theirs breaks or gets dingy. My grandson breaks about one of mine every 2 weeks, so they can’t get too old or dingy in my case. I’ve actually been pondering what to do with them when they break. One broken band has found it’s way to my bulletin board in the shape of a ribbon. Do you still wear the band? What do you do with your broken bands?


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