Fezzari Abajo Peak

As you may already know we’ve been riding the Fezzari Wiki Peak. Well sad to say that I was a bit rough on her and I cracked the bottom bracket. It wasn’t anything serious, just a hairline fracture that started from the outer part of the BB and traveled to the weld.

So I emailed Chris of Fezzari and gave him some pics of the bike. He was actually pretty cool about it. I thought that they would have given me a hard time since I did take the Wiki Peak on a 5 footer drop. But he was actually puzzled that something like this would have happend. After a few more emails Chris went ahead and sent me a replacement frame. However, he didn’t send me just a regualr Wiki Peak, but he actually sent me the Abajo Peak!

Ain’t she a beaut! Though it looks the same as the Wiki Peak, its still an Abajo in my book!

I’ve already started taking apart the Wiki Peak and within a few days I should have the Abajo Peak up and running.

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