Tony Hawk Helmet Cam

I was excited when I found the Tony Hawk Helmet Cam at Wal-Mart. I thought this would be the cheap helmet camera I was searching for. The website has some decent video clips on it – so I thought I’d try it out.  The long and short of this video camera? Total piece of crap. Not worth 10 bucks, much less the $89.95 they charge for it. It’s going back asap. Sorry if this article seems a bit negative, I just feel stupid for falling for their media hype… a good geek should know better. Anyway, I took the plunge for you – so save your money and spend it on something more worthwhile, like something on Moe’s Best Deals.
  • The helmet cam records in 320 x 240 resolution when strapped to your helmet and powered by battery. (The 29.00 CVS disposable records true 640 x 480)
  • It records in 640 x 480 when plugged in to your PC. This however is reduced to 432 x 324 when the movie is saved and “created” in the Digital Blue editing software that comes with it.
  • If a camera with a good lens recorded at 320 x 240, it would be barely acceptable. I think the lens on this piece of crap was polished with 100 grit sand paper before shipping, and the pictures are totally useless.
  • The “Laser” is useless. It flashes off and on constantly like a blinky light, and its very (very) hard to see the red dot in daylight more than 15 feet away. Then, when you start filming, the laser stops. Thats when you NEED the fricken laser pointer, since you don’t have a monitor to make sure your cam is actually pointing at your subject.
  • The software is designed for 11 year old boys. For some people that may be OK, I guess. Makes me hurl.
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