505 Makeover – Commuter Style

I love 3 day weekends. It’s like a free mini-vacation. I had a blast riding this weekend. Saturday I did the trails at Flat Rock on the 505 AGAIN! Can’t get enough. Today my buddy Bruce and I did an urban assault, attacking 4 parking garages and other various city sites. Tomorrow at 7:45 AM sharp, I’m having breakfast with Luis and Bruce, then we’re going to do about 35 miles wherever the road goes – my favorite kind of ride. The best thing about tomorrows ride though, is that it will be the 505’s road debut.
I popped on some shiny new Continental Country Ride 26 x 1.75 tires. They look perfect for commuting – we’ll see. I also settled on a new stem; a Ritchey Pro Adjustable Stem (100MM). Adjustable but strong enough to take hard riding. Of course, I won’t be doing any 8 foot drops either. Finally, I added some bar ends – 6061 aluminum, black, to match the existing bar. By the end of the month I’ll have some clipless pedals on her too.
So – tomorrow will be the shakedown, and Tuesday I begin commuting with the 505. Look back here for pictures tomorrow night – and meanwhile – get on your bike and ride!
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