Do it in the Snow!

Snow Job

“I love watching the looks I get from people in cars who think I’m crazy,” says Joshua Snater, a bartender at the Turf Club and the Dubliner in his 12th year of year-round biking. He’s been hit by cars seven times, three in winter, but the only time he drove a car himself is when he had a broken arm (from getting hit by a car while biking). There are many reasons to bike any time of the year, Snater says. “It’s the most efficient form of human transportation, fuel-to-power-wise.” So we can get around faster on a bike than on foot. For many bikers, that’s just it: a bike is the most efficient option. “I don’t have a car, so in a way, I’m forced to bike or ride the bus,” says John Langley of Spokes Pizza Collective, a pizza joint that delivers year-round by bicycle.

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