Fat in Fullerton

So there I was eating at the local Italian Ristorante, Angelo and Vinci’s here in Fullerton Ca. finishing up my pasta with grilled veggies and a slice of pizza and ofcourse my diet coke.


As I sat back and enjoyed my meal, I felt something squishy above my waist and below my rib cage. No it wasn’t some left over pasta. But it was my GUT!


Oh man….it was bigger than normal! Well…normal was pretty big, but it was bloated big. I told myself before Thanksgiving that I would allow myself to gain about 10lbs of winter/holiday fat and then lose it as soon as the first of the year rolls around. But now I realize that this wasn’t such a good idea.

With New Year’s coming up, I am sitting here wondering if I should even attempt to make some sort of resolution for weight loss that I’ll end up breaking after two days? Or should I just forget about the resolution so that if I break it that I wouldn’t feel so bad? Or how about if I just do what I need to do to get rid of my gut?

Well I think I will stick with the later…or is it latter? I can never get those two correct. It’s like saying Potato (poh-tay=toh) or Potato (poh-tat-toh). Anyhow, I figure what a great way to test out one of the products we have to review…the Kurt Kinetic Trainer.

Kurt Trainer

I figure I should use the trainer along with my riding as well as eating right to drop some good weight. What’s great about eating right is that I eat really healthy at home, thanks to Priscilla, our local vegetarian. But its when I go to work…aye…its my down fall. People there like to eat and leave things on their desks for any passing employee to take a cookie or two or three or how ever many you can fit in your pockets before anyone see’s you.

With that said, I will strongly attempt to drop at least 20lbs by mid February…..oh man I don’t know what I am getting myself into….I can’t beleive I just made that public……

So what I’ll do is post a weekly update on how I am doing on my weightloss endeavor complete with my before, during and after photos. Don’t worry I promise not to take my pictures while wearing my favorite thong.

If anyone has some good suggestions on what would help me drop weight other than going to the toilet and dropping of the kids…get it ..get it…hehe…nevermind.. But seriously, post a comment and I will try out your suggestion.

Wish me luck!

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