KHS Latte

When you think of Latte you think coffee…But KHS had something else in mind….

Just yesterday one of America’s favorite bike companies, KHS Bicycles, dropped of the new foldable Latte at my front door. No they didn’t ship it out through UPS or FedEx, they actually came by and dropped it off. I met a cool cat named Vince that has been working for KHS for a long time. He gave me a break down on how the Latte folds and unfolds as well as other cool features of the bike.

Latte 1

When we approached KHS about the Latte they gave us a choice of either the single speed or 6 speed bicycle. We chose the single speed because I haven’t seen very many SS foldable bikes out there. I figured this would be a great chance for us to try out a very unique ride.



Latte 3


Latte 4

Here’s the specs for the Latte:


We’ll be testing this baby out within the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open for the review.
For More Info on the KHS Latte, Visit the KHS Bicycles site HERE!
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