Icicle on a Bicycle

In HUGE contrast to my weekend 78° ride, the temp at the start of this mornings commute was 32°. I know that’s toasty compared to what some of my Alaskan and Antarctic friends ride in, but it’s cold enough for me. I was actually OK on the ride today. I wore ‘parachute-pants’ with a cotton-poly liner, knee-high socks, poly blend jersey, wool sweater, light wind breaker on top. I have some nifty Lizard-Blizzard gloves which are really over-kill, but my hands stay warm and dry. The sweater proved to be too warm by the end of my ride, and had to dry under my desk before I packed it up for the trip home at 4:30. Actually the only part of me that got cold was my ears, which quit being cold once they froze over and got numb. So…  I went to my LBS today and picked up a PEARL iZUMi Therma Fleece headband for my ears. Snazzy. Winter dress is taking some extra changing time though – I spend about 10 minutes in this stall every morning. Clark Kent in slo-mo.
Happy Commuting to All and to All a Good Ride!
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