Fezzari Wiki Peak Comp Review

Fezzari’ bicycles are handmade of the finest components. Fezzari is committed to offering products of superior performance, quality, and value. These are high grade, performance-oriented, race-ready bicycles. The Fezzari portfolio of bicycles includes a range of high octane full-suspension mountain bikes as well as competition caliber road cycles.

Wiki Peak

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Testing Grounds:
Fullerton Loop Ca., Big Bear Ca. and the streets of Orange County Ca.

Big Bear

About Me:
I like beer, bikes and buffets. I am your typical weekend warrior and occasional racer. I look for the same things as most guys would in bikes and accessories, “as long as it works and it’s affordable!”

Product Tested:
The Fezzari Wiki Peak Comp


First Impressions and Comments:

This was love at first ride! My first experience with the Wiki Peak was on the trails of the Fullerton Loop. Initially I was pretty impressed with the choice of components, style and comfort level the Wiki Peak provided. Out on the street the bike was very quick and nimble. It felt like it was riding a road bike but with the comfort of a suspension bike. The WTB Weirwolf tires provided great traction on the streets and on the trails.


The Fezzari’ Wiki Peak Comp mountain bike features a Fezzari Racing Design 4-Bar Link Premium Aluminum full-suspension frame, with Shimano’ Deore 24-speed derailleur, Apro FD-R Rebound Adjust rear shock, Marzocchi’ MZ Comp fork, WTB’ Weirwolf all-terrain tires, Tektro’ IO disc brakes and Shimano’ brake levers.

4 Bar Special


  • Name brand components
  • Riding position was very comfortable
  • 4 Bar suspension provided better climbing experience opposed to a single pivot bike
  • Stops on a dime! Thanks to the Tekro Brakes
  • The Wiki Peak gets allot of attention on the trails and the streets
  • Great Jumper!
  • Never bottomed out (I’m 197lbs-all muscle of course!)
  • Travel-100mm
  • Adjustable Rebound on the Rear Shock
  • Weaknesses:

    The only complaint I really had was its weight. But I expected it to be heavier than most bikes due to its 4 bar suspension and 4 inch travel fork. In a sense you have to sacrifice one for the other. You either get a hard tail that has 3 inches of travel that is super light or you get a full suspension bike that can handle the abuse of the streets and trails with 4 inches of travel on both ends. Though it is heavier than a hardtail, the Wiki Peak’s weight is comparable to any other full suspension bike on the market. Other than that, I didn’t feel like there were any issues that I found that killed my love for the Wiki Peak.

    Santa Fe


    The Fezzari Wiki Peak has become my favorite bike. I also own a Giant Warp with all the sweet hook-ups which was my trail bike. I used that bike for almost all my trail riding. It’s also my race bike too. But now, the Warp is hanging in my garage on the Bike Slingger collecting dust. I haven’t even been on my Warp since my last race back in early November.

    On Fezzari’s home page, it stated their goals:

  • To meet or exceed the quality and value of the leading brands in the industry.
  • To meet and exceed your expectations
  • Well, Fezzari met their goals and went way above them. The Wiki Peak has exceeded all of my expectations. This bike is a great value. You can order them online or at the stores from Costco. Yes Costco! Most would think that Costco bikes are just like Wal-Mart bikes. But the Fezzari brand is far from it! Fezzari is a diamond in the rough! Think about it, why spend hundreds more at a LBS for an equivalent bike when you can save so much by purchasing them at Costco. Like most families in this nation, you probably already have a membership so go down there and check them out!

    I’ve truly enjoyed my experiences with the Wiki Peak. Heck, I was even able to do something I’ve never done before on ANY bike, and that is for me to jump a 5 footer.

    Holy Jumping Beans Batman!

    Check out the Video!

    Cost: MSRP $995. Costco sells them for about $649

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