What's Wrong With This Picture?

Here are some excerpts from a recent article with my comments interspersed.
The Island Packet – Published Monday, December 5, 2005
The driver of an SUV that hit and killed a Hilton Head Island woman on Palmetto Bay Road last month is being charged with one count of “driving too fast for conditions.”

Carol F. Zampino, 26, of Hilton Head, was driving a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer that struck Nhiem Kim, 64, who was riding a bicycle along the shoulder of the westbound lane Nov. 19, according to the S.C. Highway Patrol.
The cyclist was on the shoulder…

…it was dark outside, troopers said Zampino was talking on a cell phone, Kim was traveling legally on the right of the road’s fog line and the impact occurred outside of the driving lane.
Unfortunately, so was the SUV.

Under the charge, Zampino could be facing a fine and two points against her driver’s license…
Two whole points! Zowie – that will teach her!

Zampino is not facing more serious charges because the highway patrol and Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office could not determine that she showed reckless intent when the collision happened…
Naahh… What’s reckless about mowing down and killing a cyclist? 
If I “accidentally” speed, my fine would be worse than hers.  

“After careful and deliberate study with the (Beaufort County Solicitor’s Office), we decided this is the best charge,” Brouthers said.
This was carefully and deliberately studied. What more do you want?

I’m not saying the driver should be charged with murder, but vehicular homicide would fit… and at the VERY LEAST she should LOSE her license for LIFE! 

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