World Class Cycling in my back yard

The Big Fat Geek will have a back yard view of a world class cycling event this spring, and I am SO looking forward to it; what a great way to shake off winter! Even though Lance won’t be competing this year, there should still be huge crowds. Last year the climb on Brasstown Bald Mountain was very TDF style… a gauntlet of fans urging riders up the hill, parting only inches in front of the racers wheels. Georgians and other neighboring southerners are “embracing racing” if only for this week, and showing uncharacteristic support for a race of something without a Nascar stamp on it. It has the same magic formula as a Jamaican Bob-sled team, or a Florida hockey team. A spectacle, a six day party, and something you can’t see anywhere else in North America – a Hors Classe (2.HC) professional cycling stage race. You can bet these good ‘ol boys will come out in droves when they hear its a classy Hors race! Yaahooo!!

Here’s the “official” scoop –

Six days of world-class, professional bicycle racing and community festivals will place 12 Southeastern cities in two states in the global spotlight next April. Highlights of the fourth edition of the Tour de Georgia , taking place April 18-23, 2006, will include three new host cities, inclusion of Chattanooga, Tennessee and the legendary climb up Brasstown Bald Mountain.

As North America’s only Hors Classe (2.HC) professional cycling stage race, the Tour de Georgia will begin in Augusta, Ga. on Tuesday, April 18 and culminate the 650-plus miles of racing with its grand finale in Alpharetta, Ga. on Sunday, April 23.  READ MORE  

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