Negative One x Negative One = Positive One

There are many things that add up to a total experience in commuting to work by bike. It's hard to relate to others that total experience. When we complain of a yelling motorist for instance, our non-biking friend isn't likely to think, "Yeah, that's for me." But our experience as a whole is so much more. Just as the products of negatives in multiplication are positive, so it is with negatives in cycling. It's hard to explain, but it's true nonetheless. The more I cycle, the more positive I become.

Today as I was unlocking my bike and donning my helmet, a fellow worker took pity on me and offered to “throw my bike” in the back of the pickup truck to give me a ride home. “Come on, it’s Friday night. We’ll get you home so you can start your weekend sooner!”

“Really, thank you, but no…” I replied. My weekend starts right now! I love to ride. I l-o-v-e to ride! Oh but could the motoring masses re-open their minds to the bicycles they loved and longed for as children, and just give it a try. The thrill is even bigger and better as an adult.

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