Wilderness Electric Bike Kit


This motor using technology that has been around for over a century and is very simple in design. It has a positive wire going into the motor, and a negative wire coming out of it, and is driven by a single phase electrical pulse, sent from a Controller. Inside the motor, mechanic brushes and a commutator (armature) switch the pulse of electricity back and forth to create a “push-pull” magnetic field in the coils, which are in the center of the motor. As a pulse of electricity is sent to the motor from the controller, the coils create a strong magnetic field, which repulses them from the magnets that surround the coils, and causes the motor to advance (rotate) away from the magnets – making the motor spin”. The only moving parts (hence, parts that can wear out), in this motor are the brushes and the center bearing. The brushes will last somewhere around 7,000 – 8,000 hours, which should give a minimum of five years use before they need to be replaced” This motor is very rugged, durable, and requires simpler electronics than a BrushLESS motor. It can accept varying voltage from 24 volts up to as high as 72 volts, provided that you have a controller that is capable of running it at the higher voltages without burning up.


As a product reviewer for Commute By Bike, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. I am not compensated in any way by companies that send in their goods to be reviewed.

My background:
I am 5’7″, 174 lbs. I ride a Giant Warp DS 2 for trail riding and a Giant Cypress LE for my daily commute. I also own a 7 speed Gary Fisher Tarpon. I am mainly a XC rider that will occasionally have too much fun on my Warp. I am also a bike commuter traveling 10-20 miles each way.

Testing Grounds:
My current options for testing any products are at the following trails and streets of Southern California: Fullerton Loop, Panorama, Turnbull Canyon, Aliso Woods which consists of: Woods Canyon, Rockit, Cholla, Meadows, Lynx and Top of the World. When testing products for commuting, my route usually will take me through the following streets: Bastanchury, St. College, Chapman Ave, Main St. and Jamboree Rd.

In the past year I’ve participated in riding events such as the LA Bike Tour, 04 and 05, Southridge Spring Fling and the Mt. Sac Fat Tire Classic. I am planning on participating in more events when the opportunity comes.

Product Tested:
Electric Bike Conversion Kit New 2004 Model

Gary Fisher Electric Kit

First Impressions and Comments:
I was blown away by this kit! I couldn’t believe how well it handled and accelerated. The manual stated that to save energy, I should pedal first to get it going. Even if I didn’t pedal first, this thing had enough torque to pull me and get going pretty fast.

You have a choice between the BRUSHLESS MOTOR (B-36) and the BRUSHED MOTOR (BFP-36).

There’s two major differences between the brushed and brushless motors. For one thing the brushed motor allows you to accelerate without the aid of pedaling. The brushless requires you to pedal first. However, if you accelerate without pedaling, your battery can quickly be drained.

– Makes commuting easier
– Fun, Fast and Powerful
– Kit includes everything you need
– Easy to install
– Charges in a few hours (6-8)
– Heavy Duty Rack can be used with panniers.
– Can climb hills

– Super Heavy, batteries alone weigh over 20lbs
– Once the battery is dead, the bike is harder to pedal with all the added weight
– Throttle gets in the way or your gear shifter.
– Instead of a standard charger, they should have made a smart charger. Smart chargers will automatically turn off once the battery pack has been fully charged. This prevents damage to the pack.

The Wilderness Electric Bike Kit was an awesome product to review. It made my commute easier as well as allowing me to run errands much faster without being too sweaty.

The heavy duty rack doubles as a battery holder, but you can attach your panniers so you can carry your clothes or even groceries. The electric bike kit basically turns your bike into a pseudo motorcycle. It allows you to go further by alternating from pedaling and electric when riding.


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