Eliminating bike lanes not the solution

Regarding Mr. J.H. Jenkins Jr.’s letter in the Oct. 10 paper on the inexpensive solution to traffic congestion by eliminating bike lanes.

Cyclists are required to obey the same rules of the road as automobiles. We can be ticketed for riding on the sidewalk just as you would be ticketed for driving on the sidewalk.

More lanes will not ease traffic congestion. More bikes would; carpooling would; and the use of mass transit would.

As a cyclist commuter, I am amazed at the selfishness of vehicle commuters.

Apparently, a full-size SUV can only carry one person, on a cell phone, and one child. A bicycle can carry one person and a child as well, although we pull off the road to use our cell for everyone’s safety.

Car pools can carry multiple people on cell phones, and buses have an even higher commuter capacity.

So as we pass on our morning commute, your swerving, yelling, tooting your horn and throwing trash is a wonderful way to thank me for not adding to traffic congestion, gas lines, pollution, higher taxes for road repair and being health-conscious in a society where obesity is the norm.

Courtesy of 2theadvocate.com

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