Woodstock 505 Commuter Review

Woodstock 505

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My background:
I am 5?7?, 160 lbs. I ride a Giant TCR for road, a Specialized FSR XC M4 S-Works for MTB, a Kona Smoke, Ibex Corrida and a Redline Monocog for my commute. I am avid cyclist that enjoys all sort of riding. I am also a bike commuter traveling 21 miles round trip.

Testing Grounds:
The mean streets of L.A. and the San Gabriel River Trail.

Overview: My main concern about commuting with an MTB was the weight and the rolling resistance that knobby tires cause. I thought I was going take significantly longer to get to my destination by riding the 505, it was not the case. As I started to roll along, I remembered about the lockout on the fork of the 505. If you remembered my first impression of the 505, I wasn’t too impressed with the fork. Well, this fork was perfect for my commute. It really smoothed out the rough sections and while locked up, I was able to stand up and sprint with minimal bob. I was able to average about 15-16 mph on my way to work. Not bad considering that I average 18-19mph on my commuter bikes.

The good: Comfortable ride. The big tires and the front shock really absorbed all the bumps and cracks of my commute. The bike was very agile and I also didn’t have to worry about running over branches or big bumps.

The bad: Those stickers have to go.

The ugly: Did I mention that the stickers have to go?

Summary: I had a great time commuting on this bike. The fact that you can go Mountain biking one day, slap on a rear rack the next day and head to work makes this bike a good purchase if you want a ‘do it all’ type of bike.

For more information about this bike go to www.woodstockbikes.com

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