Suddenly, cycling makes cents


Greg Weisman (blue shirt) and Russel Neiss of Jackson have taken up bike riding to reduce their gasoline bill. Neiss often rides his bike to and from work in north Jackson. Weisman enjoys riding the streets of the downtown area for recreation.

Each morning for the last two weeks, northeast Jackson resident Russel Neiss has stepped out of his apartment door and onto his bike for his commute to work.

To get to the Goldring/ Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life where he works as an education fellow, Neiss cuts through side streets and a grocery store parking lot.

It’s all he can do to avoid getting sandwiched in rush-hour traffic.
“The problem here in Jackson is that it’s not a bike-friendly city at all,” said Neiss, 22, who grew up riding in New York. “Not everyone is pleased to see cyclists sharing the road. I mean, the attitude is, if you have a car, why bother?”

City leaders and planners say changes will be made as needs shift and opportunities arise.

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