Just incase your kids have a Harley Davidson BMX

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and World Wide Cycle Supply are recalling about 25,000 Harley Davidson BMX bikes. The forks on the 16-inch wheel bikes can separate at the weld.

World Wide Cycle Supply has received 15 reports of such breakages, including six reports involving injuries to the face, hands and mouth of the riders. Some children lost teeth after crashing when their fork broke.

The bicycle has a yellow and red painted flame pattern with a yellow fork and a “Harley-Davidson” sticker on the fork leg.

Only bicycles with the following serial numbers are being recalled:
02F0026155 through 02F0032454
03A0007772 through 03A0013271
03A0018849 through 03A0027348
03B0004011 through 03B0007460
03C0019597 through 03C0023496
03D0006431 through 03D0008030
03E0022835 through 03E0023134
03F0027500 through 03F0031059
03F0037194 through 03F0040493
03F0026276 through 03F0033275
03F0040194 through 03F0045493

The serial number is on the bottom bracket shell.

Toys “R” Us stores sold the Chinese-made bikes from July 2002 through June 2005 for about $80.

Consumers should stop riding the bicycle immediately and return it to a Toys “R” Us store for store credit in the amount of the purchase price.

For more information contact World Wide Cycle Supply at (800) 944-9951. Consumers should not contact Harley-Davidson, as the bikes were sold through a licensing arrangement with Harley-Davidson and not manufactured by the company.

Via Bicycle Retailer

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