First Commute

Today Tim and I met at the SunTrust bank up from my house at 6AM to commute to work. I was on the Woodstock 505 and Tim rode the Ibex Ignition 3. It was the first time either of us had ridden to work on an actual work day. We actually commuted to our local YMCA (which is 2 miles from our job) so we could shower and then head to work. Its about a 5 mile ride for me, a little longer for Tim, there are a few hills that have pretty steep and long grades but nothing horrible. We both had a headlight and a blinking light on our backs thanks to Cateye and Planetbike.

Being my first real commute I was a little nervous about riding on the road. It didn’t take long to get comfortable (not too comfortable) and just concentrate on my riding. At 6AM traffic is not very busy on the roads we take so there were no worries. We made the commute in about 30 minutes and were at work before 7 AM. The ride back was a little more nerve racking because there were more cars on the road. We didn’t have any run-ins with a-hole drivers, which was nice.

It felt good to commute, I was saving money, working out, and helping to conserve a little fuel consumption. Needless to say Tim and I will be hitting the road again tomorrow morning.

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