Bend's growth prompts rethinking commuting

In a steadily growing city with a shortage of downtown parking and an ever-increasing number of cars on the road, alternative forms of transportation may seem like a good idea. At least Jeff Monson seems to think so.

The executive director of the Bend agency Commute Options works with area businesses to encourage workers to forgo their cars for the sake of their health, their community and their parking spots.

Bend residents are turning to bikes, car pools and the more traditional use of their two feet to get around town more and more, Monson said.

The number of businesses partnering with Commute Options increased from 39 to 54 over the past year, and Monson said the agency visits new businesses every month to pitch the program. And demand is increasing.

advertisement “Businesses have been calling us to come and talk to their employees,” Monson said.

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