Giatex Sport Stretching bike review

Giatex Sport
We got a Giatex Sport 20″ from to ride around and review. This bike is unique because unlike the other portable bikes, this bike is a stretchable bike. The frame can be stretched to suit the rider. This unique system also allows the bike to be compressed/stretched in about 10 seconds. This bike was able to fit perfectly inside the trunk of my car. I commuted on this bike to work; needless to say, it got plenty of looks and a lot of ‘funny’ comments. I had fun riding this bike; here’s the review:

Giatex Sport

What I liked about the bike: From the get go, Giatex’s customer service support is top notch. They were very helpful throughout the whole transaction. As for the bike, I liked the fact that the stretching/compressing system was very user friendly and very fast to operate. The bike was VERY comfortable, it took a little time to get used to the geometry, but once I did, I was pedaling with great comfort. I like the looks of the bike, I have a thing for fenders, as a commuter I really like the fact that I can go thru a puddle of water with little worries. For being a ‘specialty’ bike, components such as rims and tires are readily available on any bike shop, and at stores like Target or Wal-mart.

What I didn’t like: Due to the bike’s design, the frame had some flex to it. I never really got used to it. Weighing in at about 30+ pounds, this is a hefty bike to carry around. Another thing that annoyed me a little was the lack of quick release skewers, I installed new tubes with Slime for peace of mind, didn’t want to be stuck on the road in case I forgot my wrench.

Recommendation: I would recommend this bike to a commuter that rides a train or bus and has a short bike commute. A 5-mile commute is perfect for this bike. I also recommend this bike to travelers and recreational riders. The bike’s comfort and versatility makes this bike a good purchase.

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