Inertia Designs Business Pannier Review

Kona with Pannier

I rode to work with Inertia Design’s business pannier attached to my Kona Smoke. I was able to fit my lunch bag, pants, a shirt, wallet, camera, keys, a few bills, and my checkbook in it. The pannier was very easy to install and didn’t offset my balance at all.

Kona with Pannier

Cheers: Cool looking pannier, looks like a briefcase, not a cycling bag. Pretty roomy yet not too cumbersome. Great detachable suspension system.

Jeers: None

Bottom Line: This is the perfect pannier for those who commute by bike to work or school and need to transport a laptop, files, books, notebooks, a change clothes. I really liked commuting with this pannier; it will definitely become a permanent fixture on my Kona Smoke.

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