is a Money Saver!

So there I was in my garage late last night tinkering with my bike. I have a Giant Warp DS 2 that I use for trail riding and it needed some TLC really bad after a rough ride last weekend.

My rear derailleur kept skipping gears and my front derailleur wouldn’t engage onto the big ring. So what did I do? I busted out my copy of on DVD!


I watched how the mechanic “Jeff” (that’s what his name tag read) adjusted the rear and the front derailleur with such ease. I figured I’d try it out, and guess what! It worked! My gears were shifting like butter! With a simple twist and turn of a few things and BAM! I was back in business. I couldn’t believe that I saved my self at least $30 worth of tune ups from the LBS.

Oh boy, I’d hate to be the creators of the DVD….I bet they have a bunch of LBS’s mad at them!

You have to check this DVD out. See the PREVIEW.

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