How to Bicycle Commute Safely


Commuting by bike ultimately means sharing the road with motorists. And though cars will often have the right-of-way because they’re bigger, there are things you can do to make sure your trip is as safe as possible.

1. Ride predictably in a straight line without a lot of sudden movements. This will keep you on track and not startle motorists passing you.

2. Use hand signals to indicate your intention to turn or stop. Not only is this helpful for those behind you, but cyclists have to obey all the traffic laws, signs, and signals of the road just as motorists do.

3. Ride in the direction of traffic, passing when necessary on the left.

4. Establish eye contact with motorists so they know you see them, but more important, so you know they can see you.

5. Seek out streets for your commute with wide shoulders and, if possible, with bike lanes. It will be easier to share the road with cars and still allow yourself a safe distance from the curb.

Courtesy of Ehow

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