I'm just saying…

So this morning my buddy and I were riding. We get to a stop light and wait for the light to turn green. While waiting, a lady in a nice black car (I couldn’t remember what kind) that cost more than what I make in a year, pulls up.

I tell my buddy to watch out because this lady isn’t paying attention. She was too busy looking at the oncoming traffic. The light turns green and we both try to make eye contact with her. You know what she does? She still didn’t acknowledge us and she started to inch forward, then she waves to us as if she was thanking us for letting her cut us off. Last time I remember, we had the right of way.

I yell out to her,(add sarcasm-HERE) “Oh sorry, We didn’t mean to get in your way!”

Then she just drove off….I just hate when drivers don’t pay attention bicycles…..I’m just saying!

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