The Man with a Plan

Bicyclists in Delaware could soon be moving more quickly, easily and safely around the state roads because of a recently released Delaware Bicycle Facility Master Plan.

In the works since 2003, Department of Transportation Project Manager Joe Cantalupo said the plan will create an on-road series of paths for bikers to connect to business and recreational areas.

“More people will be apt to bicycle,” he said. “Some for recreation, some to work.”

The most important aspect of the plan is the sense of predictability it creates, Cantalupo said.

By creating a set route for many bikers, aspects from increased safety to decreased travel time will be addressed, he said.

“We were really looking at how people wanted to bike,” Cantalupo said.

The plan will also encourage planners, developers, engineers and politicians to incorporate bikeways and bicyclists into their decision, he said.

“Bicycling is a form of transportation,” Cantalupo said. “Accordingly, we feel that it is necessary to address the needs of the cyclists into everything we do.”

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